Friday, June 11, 2010

Eli Visit's Alex's Lemonade Stand

Some friends of my from Ohio, (Shannon and Jim) decided to hold a lemonade stand this week at their yard sale. The special thing about this is that these are the same people who are in charge of the Herdsman Puppets. I had asked for a picture of Eli with some lemonade and this is what I got instead. You will have to turn my music on the side off and turn your volume up. This was taken on a cell phone so it is kind of quiet. Just click below
Eli visit's Alex's Lemonade Stand

I personally set up an online stand earlier this year in hopes of auctioning some of my crafts off to raise money and awareness for childhood cancer but I am still far from my goal of $250 and due to health issues I am just getting some of those crafts up and going. If you stick around then you will see some of the crafts made for Alex's lemonade Stand and if you would like to donate to my stand in general the like is always posted on the side of my blog as well as below

JenniBean's Stand Against Childhood Cancer

I will be working more on updating my page and getting things off and running here shortly. So until next time.... Keep Smiling and enjoy a nice cup of lemonade for a good cause.

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