Thursday, June 3, 2010

Soothing Day with the Reinwalds...

So everything is changing yet again in my life, which seems to be the only constant for me these days. I guess really its just like grandpa just have to roll with it. Well since I am currently "resting" if there is such a word; my older sister thought it best that I come visit her and her kids yesterday. It was actually pretty entertaining in the area that she also had everyone elses' kids at some point to so you really didn't know who was staying and who was leaving. lol. Finally when the right children were left behind... we all went to dinner where I watched all the kids pile enough food into their stomachs that I think I could have barfed. lol. Thankfully non of them did and after playing in the down pour of rain to get back to the car and much fighting....they ended up calming down and going to bed shortly after minus the littlest one who ran amuck until almost 9:30 while my sister, brother-in-law and I watched Dear John. It was a good movie and I dare say it... I almost cried. It takes a lot to make me cry these days but trust me... I was almost in tears. One of the other benefits of last night... I got to spend time with the Sid mister. Who may just be the most pathetic guard dog ever...unless you come after one of us or the kids. To me though, he is just one of the kids. They were actually taking turns (dog included) sitting next to me on the floor and couch. It was funny. I miss them all alot and realized it even more last night when I actually got to spend time with them. I hate that I have gotten to busy for them. :0( Hopefully soon things will calm down so I can see them more again.
Keep Smiling!

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