Sunday, June 6, 2010

Another one finished... 4 more to make

Well I had time to finish yet another baby blanket so that is 2 now that are currently sitting wrapped on my table waiting to be given. Jeff and Angel's baby shower is next weekend so that works and heather will get hers the same time. I have 4 more left to make and then I am thinking of maybe making a larger one for some friends who are getting married but that will be awhile before I make that quilt. I have a few other projects that are musts to be finished in the next few days which are scrub shirts and a few dress shirts I need for the girls graduations. Hopefully I can find the energy to get them done. Right now I am lacking that.

I did get to go spend some time with the girls I used to work with 3rd shift tonight and I had a blast. We all met at our old charge nurse's (Patty) house and sat out in the rain and just drank and talked. Although I personally didn't drink, I haven't laughed that hard in a long time and I realized how much I miss them already. Nurses are a lot like EMTs and Firefighters. The mentality and family/team work just kinda makes you stick together even after we all leave each other. They (Patty, Heather, Shayla, Katie, Sara and Nick) have all become family to me and as it has proven true so far...hopefully it will stay. :0)

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