Sunday, May 2, 2010

Flower Pots and Flower Fabric...

This flower pot may not be as spectacular compared to some in the past but once it dries and the ribbon is added it will be completely finished and ready to be given to the owner. I have been procrastinating on a lot of my projects and now i have 8-9 that need to be finished this week. That would be including the one I just added yesterday because I couldn't find a shirt to wear next weekend. lol. So now I am going to make one with the adorable sunflower fabric that I found yesterday. I also bought the hair clips I needed for my hair from the craft store and some jewels to add so it matches my outfit for next week. I have been searching for a certain type of hair clip but it seems that no store has them so I am off to make my own. Darn... another excuse to have to be crafty. lol. Anyways... I think that before I start the final rounds in finishing heather's blanket happens, I need to go wash all the paint off of myself.
Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday. Keep Smiling!

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