Monday, May 17, 2010

Puppet Reunion....

(September 20th, 2008)

Almost 2 years ago I met Eli by pure accident. Most of you who know me, know that my best friends Rick and Erin were married in Sept of 2008 and that I was in their wedding. I fought so hard to make it to the wedding and even with injuring myself literally 10 weeks before the wedding. I was there standing at the front of a church watching my best friend from high school, taking his bride. (Scary thought I know. lol.) For those who didn't here the story of how I met Uncle Jimmy...He was the groomsman that Rick chose to walk with me just in case I needed to be carried down the isle. Sounds kind of funny but its seriously true. lol. Thankfully I was able to walk myself because this 6ft 5-7in man came walking in and I was in panic because I knew my shoes weren't going to be tall enough. lol. Anyways... one thing led to another and the Dj didn't show up and Jimmy had his puppets so that is where Eli came into the picture. Jimmy and Eli had to announce everyone entering the reception (me walking alone obviously) and DJing threw dinner until a sub was found. After that is was all fun and games. Although Erin wasn't too thrilled with them at the time; (I think it was more the situation with the Dj), I fell in love with this amazing puppet named Eli. The picture above is the dance that "gave me a heart attack". lol. Really its just a joke because of all the heath problems starting after the wedding. That's why if you notice, I really don't have many posts from 2009. Well here we are almost 2 years and a million Doctor visits later and...

We are Finally Reunited! lol. Jimmy, Shannon and family came into Erie for a Puppet Ministry meeting and I finally managed to be home and ok enough to visit. lol. They actually really wore me out but it was well worth it. He even got to meet some of my family in person; (He only met Kassie at the wedding), after sending text message videos with my family throughout the last 2 years to help keep our spirits boosted. He has also sense then, started traveling to nursing homes and Children's Hospitals between teaching at VBSs and Churches. He is a very busy man at 100 years old you see, but he has always found time for me and my family. :0)

It was great seeing Eli and his friends at the Herdsman Puppets however he also came to visit because they need our help. Like I said before this special Puppet Ministry and they are used to spread the Word in a way children and most adults can understand using every day scenarios and topics. It doesn't really matter what the age, you will find yourself relating and chatting with these puppets. Well this group has been working hard on a special cook book project and that is where we need your help. They are in search for recipes to help the puppets get their cookbook together. They are looking for any recipes as long as they are yours and can be emailed to Just put in the subject Recipe For Snowflake and Jimmy and Shannon will know what it is. Dont forget to say who is sending it though. The puppets want to give credit where credit is due. I have already sent in a few of my own recipes so maybe if everyone who I know prays for me and my family could send one then they would have an amazing book to put them together. The recipes need to be in by May 31st, 2010. So if you have a second, pick a recipe and send it on to Eli. *for more information click the newsletter picture above. all the details are included in the picture or you can email above or leave it in a comment so I can get back to you.

I think with that I am going to get going. The puppets have also left me with a special video to share but I am in the process of loading it to my computer. for some of the small clips that they share with my family, visit/add my facebook page where I have been adding them lately now that I have the change. Thanks everyone!

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