Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Life, Love and Flower Pots

I guess it that time again. You know the time where the chapters of our life are changing and you just hate to look back? Where you are trying to figure out, at what point did everything start falling apart? When did everything that I loved so dearly decide to walk away and leave me alone again? I am starting to think that it is just life. That maybe I was just meant to me alone right now. I guess being alone isn't a bad thing when I have so much on my plate as it is. Maybe I just need to work through some of that before I can start moving forward with my life. I just wish life and love didn't have to hurt so bad. That people would just make up their minds to either love me or just walk away without all the back stabbing.
In the mean time I guess I will just focus on life without Jack. My family, my health and my crafts. That is how it was before and things were ok. Maybe things will go back to that, no heart ache kind of time but I know it wont be easy. Slowly I am getting threw the crafts in my room most which need to be finished by this weekend or next but I am not sure how many will. The good thing about all this is..once some of these crafts are finished, I will have some empty space in my room and then hopefully will have a dresser soon so it will be even more space.That is a good thing. I need to get things around the house in order.
Well I guess sense I am rambling now I will let everyone go. BTW the picture above was the pot I planted for one of the residents but I added to it. :0) I already gave it too her and she loved it. Now I just have to get better so I can go transfer the plant that the pot was made for.
Keep Smiling!

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