Monday, February 21, 2011

Praying for Sunny Days!

For those who have noticed that page background Change. I am trying to find something a little more cheerful. Something to help bring on the spring mood. OK and I love sunflowers but still. lol. Lately, Things have been pretty busy with work and I cant really complain because it just reminds me more than plans for this summer are meant to take place. I worked in overtime last week so I will be reserving the hotel room for June this Friday! I'm so excited! I am still needing to find someone to cover my shift on April 6th but its hard because I can see who has off that day so far in advance. I just know I am really excited!
I do feel as it God has been tempting me though, either that or the male figures in my life just really don't know how to catch a hint or flat out pan to the face when I say that I'm done with them. It seems like lately my exes keep coming about and that is just not what I am looking for anymore. I have moved on and apparently I am where I am suppose to be because things are finally running smoothly! There is still a little craziness in my family life but I have decided that I havent fit in this long, why start fitting in now. I am completely happen standing out with Zach.
I think really that is about it in my life other than the crafting part. I have narrowed this year down to 6 major projects that I wanted to complete and then everything else in between is just for fun, to get rid of the scraps of stuff I have in my room. Yesterday I did finish one of the projects on my board and that was pacifier clips for all my friends who are currently having children right now. (My sister included which is why I made Hello Kitty.) The other 2 are rainbows and ducks. I plan on giving the some to Sara with her baby shower gifts and sending some to an old friend Kathy who also just had a baby and the Velcro one just wasn't working for her. I may actually trying and look up penguin ribbon later for Sara but I am not to sure yet.... I am trying to avoid buying more than what I need too other than for the dresses. I also used some spare red ribbon around my room and ruffled it to make some larger flowers. I then used some of the extra small accent flowers we used for Kassie's hair, to make a headband for Andrea. I am so glad I have a friend who can pull almost all this stuff off. She is such a good coworker and friend as well. Now I have to make a few for one of the nurses though. lol.

Well I hope you like what I shared so far but now I have to get off and head to the craziness known as work. I love work. lol.
Keep Smiling!!!!

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