Monday, February 28, 2011

Hexagon Happy

So this is what you get when I am not feeling good and have an entire basket of extra yarn. I love how this turned out and Now I am trying to decide if I should make more and make this into a blanket or maybe make a few more and leave them separate as place mats for a table. They are big enough to hold a plate, cup and silverware. lol. Either way I am loving the way the colors came together. This of coarse is using the yarn my mom had given me awhile ago from a blanket she needed me to finish. (That was finished awhile ago.)
But anyways...This was finished last night because there was a huge thunderstorm in our town so No sleep until 5am for me. lol. Now thanks to this flower I am in the process of creating something amazings for Sara's baby shower. Well more than one surprise but I have to post here because Sara sees my facebook all the time. lol. Looking at the Pictures I give can you guess what I'm making....
Here is your first hint.....

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