Monday, February 7, 2011

Time is speeding up again....

It seems that life is speeding up again. Between Amanda and I it felt like last week was just full of funerals again but thankfully together we got threw them and although both of us are completely heart broken still....I am starting to work my way through. I still feel like a walking zombie but at least I am starting to live again. I managed to sneak dinner and some time with Zach in Friday before going to a funeral showing Friday night and that was the first sense of "future" life for me, it felt. Zach and I are planning on attending a convention with my sisters and Alex in June and so we were discussing the dates and what all we would be doing. We know that the hotel is attached to a water park which is something we have both been wanting to do and plan on it. Everything else we plan, I am not going to write just yet because I kind of want it to be a surprise... I will say that a lot of sewing will be involved before that weekend. He also just asked me to go see the Transiberian Orchestra in April when they come to Erie. That will be exciting as well. :0)

Kirsten during her Forms judging.

I also spent the good portion of my weekend with my half siblings because Kirsten had a Karate tournament in Slippery Rock and she definitely Kicked Butt! This is the first one I have ever been too and I was really impressed. Its not an event you can get bored at because there are people in all age groups in different areas of the gym competing so there is always something to watch at all times. Some of these kids were so small their weapons looked bigger than them but I was amazed at how well these kids could use them. I also got to see my little sister in action and it was simply amazing. Mariah also does karate but didn't compete. I do however plan on attending these more so I cant wait to watch her as well. I took a lot of photos along with a few videos. One video happened to catch and incredible kick that Kirsten was in the process of learning currently at school and it was so detailed that I will post the video at the end of this post. Otherwise the rest of the photos and videos are in the 2011 section of my photo website.
After the competition, we went to grove city and got A LOT of clothes for the littler kids and really ended up saving well over $700 than if we would have shopped in Erie. I'm thinking maybe with tax return money... I may come down this summer and start Christmas shopping. I have been to the grove city mall before with Tom and Shell  but never really enough to walk into all the stores and shop. Its well worth the drive down. I do however want to start in the summer because let me tell you, driving home Saturday night was really scary considering Erie had been getting heavy snow for a good 3 hours before we returned. The roads were terrible and so I ended up sleeping in Erie and returning home Sunday morning. Otherwise the eventfulness stopped about that time. Even today, all I'm really doing is relaxing and cleaning which really needed done. I'm returning to work tonight which it to much relief because I don't think i could handle sitting at home all night anymore. Now lets just pray the snow stays light so I don't have to worry about sliding home.
Well I better get back to cleaning.
Keep Smiling.

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