Monday, June 4, 2012

Rainbow Dress Revealed

 This isn't the best picture of the dress and I need to fix the tulle at the bottom so it lays flat and doesn't keep jumping around but i am very pleased with how it turned out. The flower at the top is really a pin and I might pin in down a little further in the front but we will see when the day comes how I feel. Now I just have to make the hair piece to go with it and add jewelry and there you have it! 
Now for the sundress that I made....I still need to add ribbon around the waist but i haven't found the right ribbon yet. I am thinking a wide red. 

Honestly If I would have known how easy the cherry dress would have gone together I would have used the same pattern for the rainbow dress and changed it up a bit. Who knows maybe I will still try for next years event. Otherwise in the midst of resting and night time pain, I have been working on Dan's happy blanket. From the picture you still cant really tell what it is yet but for those of us who know what is is...its coming together very nicely. 

This is just the hardest part to put together because there is so much black right now. Thankfully we are getting out of the black and adding more color and shape! Cant wait until it is finished but right now i have to finish the projects needed for this weekend. We are leaving Friday morning and then returning Sunday. Moving is Monday and no we are not all packed yet so we shall see how this all goes. I will try and update later this week but if I don't then its because i am trying to rest from this past week's events. Still praying my heart out but I know things will only get easier in time. 
Love you all and Keep Smiling!

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