Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Friday!

Wow. its hard to believe that its already Friday. I feel like I have missed most of the week and in all honesty, I kinda did because I have been so sick but while being down for the count I have been working on happy blankets so it Kind of works out. I also had the energy today to finish moving some more of my stuff into the house and eventually i will be able to bring the bins out of the closet one by one and go through them so I can figure out what is really trash and what needs to be kept. There is still a little bit more at the old place but most is waiting to go to good will.
Otherwise I wish I had something more to post but other than Kat being at a job interview right now and waiting to hear how that goes and trying to decide my true feelings about everything going on between me and Zach; (I will save that for another post when I really do know what I'm going to do); i really don't have anything else to report. I can tell you that I love living in this house though and I'm really glad that I'm with Ash and the kids. :0)
So with all that being said...yes I'm still kicking and although I'm moving slower these days; I'm still smiling and I'm praying that you are all smiling as well.

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