Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sick and Tired of People

I'm posted today because people are really making me angry. I am already trying everything in my power to just get up each morning and then to find out that my family is fighting with my "so called" friends is just really annoying. I have told my family yet again that I don't want them telling anyone anything and those that want to know will call. I'm done fighting people and I'm done waisting my time with people who are never really hear for me. I'm too tired for this crap. People need to just really think about their words before they say things. Friends and family; more than half of you are NEVER there when you say you will be. Heck a lot of you haven't been here in a LONG time and you are just so naive that you cant see it. I try and stay active in your lives because I want to support all of you but honestly I don't have the energy to even try anymore nor to I have the emotional strength to try and talk to you people anymore. Face it other than a few 4 people; both sides; friends and family stink and have really let me down so please just leave me alone because you don't get what I'm telling nor do you have to time to really care anyways. I'm sick of being used for other peoples gain and I am sick of hearing over and over that things are going good when they really aren't but you see everyone is too busy thinking things are ok to see that really everything is terrible. Everyone is too busy trying to prove they know more about what I am feeling to see that NONE OF YOU know anything about what I'm feeling or how I am doing except for the few who are actually here so please if you guys all really love me then either start acting like you care/ love me and actually be there for me and not just the attention of being here.  Because if I don't talk to you now at my worst, I'm certainly not going to waste my good days with you either. . I'm sick and tired of all the fighting and the drama and I cant handle people so I am shutting people down. That's how it has been and that is how I want it. If you not going to actually be here and not fight, then please don't be here at all.

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