Tuesday, October 23, 2012

DayBook 10-23-12

Outside my window: Its cold and rainy. Preparing for winter I suppose. 

I am thinking... How different life is going to be when I get home now that my leg is gone. 

I am thankful... I am thankful for best friends and my step mom for being here when the rest of my family deals with petty fighting.  

In the Kitchen... I'm in the hospital so I'm not sure whats in the kitchen but I pray my doctor is no where near it with her track record of blowing up microwaves and toasters. 

I am wearing... The Dino T-shirt I made for the family this summer and a pair of shorts. 

I am creating... I am working on a special Happy Blanket for someone who is newer to my life but still an amazing lady. 

I am going... no where today. Just relaxing until I'm allowed to restart PT

I am wondering... How long I will be stuck here and what time my sister will be here today. 

I am reading... My bible and a book my sister lent me called Good Omens. 

I am hoping... That things start getting better and my counts start coming up. 

I am looking forward to... My sister getting here! 

I am learning... I am learning A Lot right now. That I need help in my daily activities and how to live on my own. Simple things like getting from the bed to chair and I am also learning a lot about myself spiritually. 

Around the house... Well I'm sure the craft supplies are still all over my house considering I haven't been home to pick them up. lol. But here in my bed I also have yarn everywhere. lol. 

I am pondering... How long this happy blanket might take and what colors to do in the next one. 

A Favorite Quote for the day: Psalms 46:10

One of my favorite things... still my crochet hook. lol. 

A few plans for the rest of the week: Resting while my body fights the GVHD and then getting back to therapy so I can go home! 

A peek into my day: 

This really isn't a peek into my day but a photo taken a few weeks ago for an article but it is the last picture taken with my leg so its kinda of a sad picture to me but oh so pretty because I love those shoes! 

Well that would be it for now. If you would like to try this for yourself...go to this blog....
Otherwise...until next time...Keep Smiling! 


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    1. Sadly. No I will not be able to go home for a few months but I am making progress.