Friday, October 12, 2012

Short Version of Recent Events...

So I have been meaning to post but due to illness and then getting a new kidney; I have been well to busy and semi drugged to post. The last week has been a pretty big blur but I can start with last weekend when although I really didn't feel good, I had a blast because Saturday I spent almost all day with my best friend Beth; (often referred to as sunshine) and we just sat around are chatted. It was so nice to just sit around and talk in person finally and not on the phone with 3 or more hours between us. It felt so nice being home the few days I was home that I cant wait to return home after this stay and finally be home longer than a week. Sadly last Saturday night I ended up not feeling very well but still pushed myself to go to church which is much needed. I would love to say that Zach finally went with me and He actually enjoyed it. He didn't mind driving and we actually made a day of it. After we church we decided to try and find Zach another leather needle which was a bust but we did finally get the bubbles and glow sticks to try to glow in the dark bubble idea which was a huge fail and not to mention we did confirm that glow sticks really do have glass in them and are NOT child friendly. While doing so....we found Zach's famous hats!

 and then...I found a matching hat and the games began....

Shortly after arriving home and resting, I got a call asking me to come into Millcreek for dialysis because my counts and central line was down and I could feel myself getting sick. One thing lead to another...I ended up getting sent to Cleveland then to Boston and now we are here and I am happy to say that I have a new kidney given to me by one of my younger sisters. One of the greatest gift I could have ever received on top of marrow that she has already given me twice. She really is a blessing. :0) Mariah and I are both doing great and She is set to go home Monday and I will return to Cleveland until my counts continue to come up. :0) Then in a few weeks I will also get to return home and back to my "normal" life; if I even know what that is. I really cant wait though! 
Well I think I am going to go rest for a bit but I will return and I will try and stay update more with my posting and my scrap booking. Slowly my energy is returning and I cant wait to share more with everyone. 
Love you all and Keep Smiling! 

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