Saturday, March 6, 2010

Amazing Losers Day Out....

So other than a million stresses put on me today by family members (I am writing that because I don't feel good but don't want to get into it at the moment); Today was AMAZING! I really didn't get a whole lot of sleep because everyone kept texting and calling me but after giving up and getting up around 1:30, Brittney and I set off on what turned out to be a pretty fun day. We ended up going to Presque Isle which was just amazing! We weren't brave enough to walk out onto the ice because ummm.... its me and Brit, that is so not safe for us no matter how sturdy they say the ice is. lol. Almost all of the ice was frozen over except over by the monument where the geese were swimming and that made for some awesome pictures with the sun shinning as bright as it was today. We ended up having a snowball fight and climbing over the monument... well I climbed because Brit was afraid she wouldn't be able to get out because she is so short. lol.  
After the Snowball fight and Thoroughly freezing our fingers off, we decided to get lunch and then headed up to Peach Street and David's Bridal so that Brittney could get a 2 year head start looking for wedding dresses. I think it is funny because she seems to calm now and just keeps saying to everyone.."Its still 2 years away..." But I seriously don't think she realized how fast that time is going to pass before her wedding is here. I am the only girl in her wedding and I did get a book to look at for dresses but I told her I was going to wait until she got her dress so that way I knew about what to look for. It is going to be a lot of fun to help her with her wedding because it is a country theme and she is going to be getting married in July in a Barn. lol. Its going to be really cute!
After David's Bridal, we pretty much were calming down for the night and just went over to where Mike(Brit's other half) worked and got the stuff needed to change the oil in the car and new windshield wiper fluid so that he can change everything tomorrow after he gets out of work. Then the car will be up to par so that is exciting. Now I am just left really exhausted and upset about the family but I did get to clear my head and hang with Brittney so it was still an amazing day.
With all that Said.... I am taking my butt to be. Good night world. Keep Smiling!

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