Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Love Jeremy Camp!

During the last few "bad" years, I have really used music to help me express myself and keep myself from falling into a depression. For some reason singing just makes my world stop crashing in around me just like knitting or baking. My music stays pretty simple with Christian and Country music but for awhile it has been stuck between the same 3 bands. Don't get me wrong. I still love, Casting Crowns, Barlow Girls and Meredith Andrews more than ever and still listen to them all the time, but I just needed something new. Last week I asked my brother for music he had and he handed me 31 different cds to load onto my computer and try out, 2 of them being Jeremy Camp cds. I have heard some of his songs on the radio while driving but never actually took the time to listen to them if you know what I mean. Well tonight I finally got to those 2 cds and I am hooked! Definitely good for boosting the spirits not matter which CD it is. The 2 that I have right now are Stay and Restored. Both really good! Just thought you guys might like to know. lol.
Love you all and again Thanks Mike!!!

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