Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Slowly making my way there....

So like I posted before, Today was spring cleaning day. It was actually really productive and I got almost everything I wanted done, Done. I have slowly been finding a place for my belongings since I have moved back home a few months ago but between all the craziness, things have been thrown around and mixed up and today I finally got to go through and get rid of a lot. I took all the clothes that were now to big for me, to the Good Will along with a bunch of the books that my grandma sent that I never really read or else read a long time ago and were taking much needed space up. Just with taking what I did out of the room, it made a HUGE difference. I worked on organizing my craft stuff and realized while putting stuff away that the crown Mara gave me for my birthday last week matches Princess Piggy perfectly so I replaced my crown with this one. :) Shortly after I sat down and figured finances out and although it is definitely not $22,000, I still have $10,936.75 to pay off for various things and that in not even counting the remaining medical bills that I will add in within the next week. This definitely puts a damper on my "Year of Awareness that I wanted to do but I am not really too worried about it because I realized that it still really doesn't effect that too much. It just means that I am starting later and maybe will just have to extend my period for my Alex's booth. (Will post more about it later tonight.) I think maybe instead this should be my year for finishing my unfinished projects and then work on starting the new ones. I will still do a few things to help raise my goal of $500 for Alex's Lemonade Stand but I think for the most part I am going to auction my wedding dress off and donate the money and then do a few other things later this summer. The wedding dress is also taking up much needed space in my closet and holds bad memories for me. In moving on, I really don't want any reminders hiding in the closet so I might as well use it for a good cause right?
Another thing I have been thinking about today is how the older siblings in my family are constantly stressing me out. I think it has come down to the final opinion which is really to just tolerate them when I have to and concentrate on the younger siblings that actually need me. I think maybe it is a blessing that God gave me another generation of siblings although it comes with its difference too but at least they don't stress me out as much. I tried not letting things get to me  but there is a difference of "things getting to you" and them just not wanting you around, so I am just going to spend the time with the people that count. Why waist my time right? I am also opening up more to Jack with my family and he loved my sisters and family just as much as me and could understand why the older ones stressed me out so its kind of nice having someone who cares about me more than impressing my family. Not that we are going out out or anything but it is still nice having him there.
Well I guess I am off to go back to listening to The Sqeakquel Soundtrack and working on baby blankets. That would be 7 of the 20 items on my list. lol. Got to get cracking. Here is a better picture of the one I am working on. The cell picture last night didn't really get the colors. Lets hope it turns out better in the end then I thought i would at first. Wasn't too sure on the colors. Hmmm.... what do you think about the colors?
Keep Smiling!

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