Monday, March 15, 2010

Hospitals and Night off...

Well the last few weeks have been really rough and apparently the stress of it all kicked up my heart murmur which I haven't had problems with since I was 16 and even then it was briefly. Here I thought I was having problems with my asthma but there was just one problem...had the tightness in my chest but I could still breath. Although you want to talk about dizzy? Anyways....the problem is working itself out and I have things I have to do now that I'm home but I did meet someone today at the hospital who shocked me more than ever. I met a crazy male who somehow swallowed his retainer while eating a strawberry and is now in the process of "passing it". Doesn't that sound terrible?! After hearing this, I will never complain about not being able to breathe again! lol.
All in All things have calmed down a lot here. Because of the events of this past weekend I have decided to choose one of the events that I was invited too this upcoming weekend because there was no way I could do everything. I was invited to a baby shower, 4 birthday parties, a bridal shower and I was suppose to go to take pictures for a friend this weekend of her and her daughter. There is a possibility that 1 if not 2 of these things will happen however I plan on going out of town Sunday to bury 2 people very close to my heart where they asked to be buried and that trumps everything and with the stress of so many events I think it is just best I take things slow.
Speaking of taking it slow... I am finally getting the time to spend with my dad and get to really know my little sisters. As a matter of fact, I am so enjoying hanging with Mariah and Kirsten that they had me laughing so hard on Saturday I almost forgot everything that was going on around me. I think that Jack was ready to burst from laughing as well so maybe watching the younger generation grow up isn't such a bad thing after all. They are pretty creative like I am which is good because i always have extra art stuff and there are so many of them that I know someone will use it. Right now I realized that I have 20 different projects in the works at the moment 7 of them being baby blankets that need finished in the next few months. Guess what I'm working on tonight? lol. It feels weird being home however I will admit... I needed it BAD. Anyways... I think that is enough rambling for you for tonight. I am sorry I am all over the place. The hospital wore me out.

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