Monday, March 8, 2010

Very Busy Sunday and "CanSo"....

So yesterday I was really unsure of what I was going to do or how things would work out but even though I finally got to sleep Saturday night and woke up 10 minutes before I had to leave for church normally, I forced myself to get up and go. I kinda shocked everyone by being there but it was what I needed. I cant just keep sitting at home, it driving me nuts.
Anyways, After church I met up with my best friends mom aka Mom Gollmer and we ended up going out for lunch and she boosted my spirits A LOT! This is becoming a normal occurrence and thankfully it is helping me to get past what is going on right now and getting me to look forward again. We started talking about Jack again and we wanted him to send a picture but he didn't have any one his phone so I am going to have to take one of him next time I see him (later this week) and send it to mom. lol. After lunch, I went home to an empty house and didn't want to be there by myself so I got in my car and just started driving. Because of things going on in my life, I missed my best friend Rick's birthday on the 2nd so I picked up a brownie and apple pie and heading on out to where he was working... one thing lead to another and I ended up at his house playing with his 7mth old daughter and hanging with his wife and him until almost 7:30. Rick  was also nice enough to change the oil in my car. Mike was going to do it but it would have been way to late for him by the time I got back from Waterford. I hope he isn't offended. Otherwise, after that I came back home and to the reality of things. I talked to my dad for a bit and hopefully will be seeing him by the end of the week. Well Sunday to be exact but I'm not complaining.

The only other thing I can think to mention is that I finally got the frame for my "CanSo" and since I think I need to see it now more than ever, I have placed it right on the back of my headboard so I see it first thing when I wake up. It is such a good reminded to keep going and I am very thankful for it. The necklace is suppose to represent my spirit and I will post the poem for everyone because it is pretty amazing....

"I am your CanSo...
I am a visual representation of your indomitable spirit.
Look Closely...
...I am a body in motion, to signify the carefully orchestrated steps you take as you move through this journey we call life.
I am not running away from the enormous challenges you face, but instead putting my best foot forward and staying one step ahead of them.
I am carrying your heart with me every step of the way. Know that I will never lose heart no matter how dark the days might become.
I am blanketed in white to encourage you to blanket yourself in the light, peace and purity you need to heal... and my iridescence reminds you not to let this challenge take your sparkle from you.
I am small enough to be held in your hand to keep you ever mindful of the fragility of life.
I am all those things, but more importantly I am here so when they say you can't. you will never forget...
....You CanSo!

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