Friday, March 19, 2010

The Princess and The Frog and the Time Travelers Wife.....

Things have been still stressful in ways but are still slowly working themselves out. I managed to finally make it to one of the church bible studies and it was a lot of fun. Its nice to see that they get side tracked almost as much as me. lol. Then today I rested most of the day but did get out to DQ with Kassie and then we stopped to get some movies from the red box. she got a scary one and I rented The Time Travelers Wife and the Princess and the Frog. (there I said it. lol.) I just watched the Time Travelers Wife while working on one of the 7 baby blankets that I have to make and I really think I was disappointed in it. I think maybe I expected too much of the movie. The Princess and the Frog I know I like, but I'm not going to watch it again tonight because I am going to go visit Gram tomorrow and watch it with her. :) then Sunday I am going to head to Pittsburgh with Tom. YAY. lol. I will definitely take pictures while I am there.
Well I'm off to shower and head to fun. lol. Keep Smiling!

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