Monday, May 28, 2012

2 Weeks

I know I mentioned this yesterday but in 2 weeks from today I will be moving in with my sister. I know that a lot has been taken place in my life just in general and a lot has also been taking place in her life but after searching through pictures last night as I get ready to scrap book years of photos, I realized that my sister and her kids are part of the reason why I feel like God has brought me home over and over again after trying to move away. In the end I would do ANYTHING for my sister and her kids and all of my greatest memories are with these kids. I mean look at them....
How could a person not love someone so adorable and full of personality? So needless to say even though I know my health is going down the tubes; I am so excited to get to watch these kids grow.
My goal for the next 2 weeks is to go through all my stuff and work on getting rid of what I don't really need but at the same time my plan is to finally finish the list of projects on my project boards. No adding to it and no buying anything else unless its absolutely needed (i have been doing good on that so far). I wanted to try and use up everything I had here in the craft room but in the end, I just don't have that time or energy and so what doesn't get used or is needed will be donated for another great crafter's delight. I have bins of scrap fabric so for my crafting friends... if anyone could use any...please let me know.
God Bless and Keep Smiling!

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