Wednesday, May 30, 2012

9 days, 12 days and 15 days

Yes the count downs are all on. lol. As of 55 minutes ago there is only 9 days until the fund raiser/trip, 12 days until moving day and 15 days until my love returns home to me. All of which are extremely important to me. I have dresses to finish, EVERYTHING to pack and then to unpack as well as a speech to write. I have 2 dress almost completely done with one more to sew in the next 9 days and I'm hoping to find the energy to do it. I wanted to finish the rainbow dress today but once i finally found the motivation to get up and do something; I ended up going through pictures and then ended up working on the sundress instead. I have it almost complete except for the zipper which is pinned and just need sewn and the bottom needs to be hemmed. As for the rainbow dress. I just have to finish putting the last set of butterflies on it and finish the hand stitching around the neckline. Both have simple completes and then its for Sally's complicated dress. I'm not really looking forward to putting it together but i need to stop putting it off. anyways... I'm not going to keep going on because its now 1am and I'm in a lot of pain but i wanted to share a picture of the sundress since I took one for my sis.

Love you all and Hope you have a good night. Most importantly...Keep Smiling!

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