Saturday, May 12, 2012

Random day off...

For those of you who are wondering about the rainbow dress; it is still in progress but it is coming a long very well. I don't want to post too many pictures before it is finished because I am coming up with ideas to make it better almost every day and in the end its so going to be worth the wait. So while the dress is in progress....I decided to take a break to bake! Yesterday I had a poll going on facebook over whether I should make brownies or thin mints and then it just turned into people ordering thin mints so I made both. lol. Then Zach and I were horsing around until dinner with the tulle from my dress and after that it was off to a grand adventure to Corry. We finally got to hold Baby Lucas, and see Rick, Erin and Natalie. And after that we stopped in to drop some goodies off to Dan and Beth. Beth was the only one home but it was so worth the few minutes we stopped. We planned on going to the drive in but because it was so late and people drive a lot crazier in Waterford and Corry that in our neck of the woods so red box and Mc Donald's it was for us and we called it a night. It really was an amazing day for me. So with all that said and done... I am going to leave you here with a few pictures. 
Until next time...Keep Smiling!

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