Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

First I want to say Happy Memorial Day to everyone out there and I'm praying that everyone has safe travels in our their weekend trips this weekend. I know that I had family traveling today and tomorrow after coming up to visit and camping at a nearby camp ground this weekend. 
As for the rest of the world... well a lot of prayers have been answered on this end with Zach. He was transferred last week and has surgery and with much success he is already breathing on his own and able to say some very short sentences. He will be moved out of ICU by Tuesday they are thinking and will start so therapy with him there before transferring him back home to continue to therapy here in Erie. I have never been so relieved before and although I continue to pray for him every minute of my day; I am also praising God for His healing hands. 
I could still use a little more healing on my own end but really I am just settling for Gods Grace and calm in this storm. I was at the hospital again because I haven't been able to eat since Thursday and my jaw had locked up so bad that I couldn't get a fork or spoon past my teeth and therefore wasnt eating or drinking. I was given the ok to drinking with a straw since I was not allowed to do stomach issues with everything else going on but today I have finally been getting some foods and drinks into my system and although Im still in a lot of pain; I am pushing through. I didn't get to visit with my family like I would have hoped to but I did get to visit with my neices who I shall be living with in 2 weeks to the day. We are all very excited and they really do liven up my world as well as my sister who I shall be moving in with. I am so excited and although I know it wont be easy, its going to be well worth the journey. I really cant think of anything else to post now because I'm really hurting tonight so I will leave you with a few pictures taken today. I love you all and hope you all Keep Smiling!

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