Monday, May 21, 2012

Life Update....

This isn't going to be long because now that my meds were changed and I have had them a few days I'm really starting to feel like crap. :0( not sure why and wont really be able to find out for a few days but I'm trying my best today to be supportive for my Pickle. This weekend he showed great improvement and has even managed to come up to 60% of breathing on his own with one lung. He was able to open his eyes and although in last 24 hours he has tried to write to us (he cant talk still); damage was done from when he coded and some of his letters keep coming out backwards. We have had a day full of doctors and tests ran on him and they he was scheduled for surgery on his throat later this week. He will remain in the ICU until after his surgery and they know for sure he is stable again after his surgery but after he is out he will be allowed visitors. They are just trying to keep it low key and calm right now to keep his heart stable and give his body time to rest. 
As for me.. I have been having some rather good days even though today is a really bad one. I did get to spend some time with some good friends on Saturday and Sunday and I even was able to spend some time with one of my older sisters which was much needed. With everything going on, a move has been talked about. Its been in the thought process for some time now but next month its going to be taking place. I love my grandpa and I always will. The memories in my house will never be replaced but I have to move on. Staying with my sister will be a temporary stay for now until something better presents itself but in the end it will be the healthier choice especially with Zach not being able to be there for some time. :0( So that is most of the updates right now and we all continue to pray for smooth transitions and that surgery goes well this week. Praising God for the improvements and being able to see Zach awake yesterday. As for me...I think its time for a nap. 
Keep Smiling and Take Care!

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