Thursday, May 24, 2012

Stress And Happy Blankets

I know the title sounds a little funny but I think we all know that I crochet a lot when I am under a lot of stress so even though I am completely exhausted and in a lot of pain; I am up again at almost 4am playing with yarn and battling my brain to calm itself down. OK and maybe trying to fight through pain as well. In a few short hours Zach will be under going surgery to reconstruct his throat and I just cant help but feeling terrible for being stuck at home. I'm very thankful that God has blessed us with such talented surgeons who will be repairing my husband to his whole self and I'm very thankful for having such loving In Laws who have in no way made me feel as out of the loop as almost everyone else in this world. I know it sounds unheard of but I might have the worlds best in-laws. This has been 2 of the longest weeks of our lives and when I am not able to be by Zach;s side his mom is always keeping me up to date within minutes of the doctors which is really important to me. I still feel like the worlds worst wife but I do know that I love Zach a lot and I know that the only thing I can do for him at this point is fight to get stronger so I can be here for when he is back in Erie and help him with his rehab as well.
So where do happy blankets fit into the mix you might be wondering? well I have been non stop crocheting and I'm working on another Happy Blanket. I am not going to say what the end blanket is suppose to look like but I will keep posting pictures and we will see if anyone can guess what it is. I will tell you that I am using 2in granny squares to put the picture in the blanket together and only one other person knows what it is and that's Beth. :0) So here is what I finished yesterday....

I have added more to it tonight but I wont be able to get a picture of it until later today because of being in the hospital. (Yes I was admitted earlier for precautions and pain management). But once I get home I will post the 2nd picture along with an updated picture of the rainbow dress that I was talking about a few posts ago. Yes that is also almost finished. :0) I guess maybe I am being more productive than I thought on my good days. 
I think I am going to put my computer and yarn down for now though and read my bible until I can get to sleep. I will update everyone tomorrow on Zach so please continue to pray for the surgeons and Zach's healing. The many prayers have already been helping so much. 
Thanks again and Keep Smiling!

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